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April Clark's Sports Med Journey Inspires on National Girls & Women in Sports Day

Articles for Athletic Trainers and News StoriesAmong those making a significant impact on National Girls & Women in Sports Day is April Clark, an Athletic Trainer with Atlanta Public Schools. She has paved the way for women in sports medicine through her dedication and pioneering spirit.

April Clark Athletic TrainerClark's journey began at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School (now St. Mary’s Catholic School) in Fayetteville, where her role extended beyond maintaining the health and safety of student athletes.

She became a beacon for girls aspiring to break into the athletic world.

"Originally, I wanted to be a pediatrician because I am a leukemia survivor, so I always wanted to be in the healthcare field. Then growing up, I started watching sports with my parents. I decided to be an Athletic Trainer."

Her passion for sports, fueled by watching events like the Women’s USA Olympic basketball team compete in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, led her to a career where she could provide immediate care on the sidelines, embodying the spirit of resilience and dedication.

Clark's work has not only been about injury prevention and rehabilitation but also about mentorship and advocacy.

Her approach to sports medicine emphasizes that the field is not just for men but equally for women, challenging traditional perceptions and encouraging inclusivity.

As the first black female Athletic Trainer at both Our Lady of Mercy and Godby High School in Tallahassee, Fla., Clark has not only set a precedent but also created a platform for understanding and professional growth within the athletic community.

Clark reflected on her career and the impact she's had on her students, both male and female:

"It’s fulfilling to see all my students grow and become professionals."

Her efforts have been instrumental in not just treating injuries but also in teaching life lessons of independence, communication, and setting professional boundaries.

"Being in this field, you have to learn how to set boundaries. So, learning how to say no to certain things."

National Girls & Women in Sports Day, initiated in 1987, shines a light on the contributions and potential of female athletes across the country. Clark embodies the day's spirit, aspiring to inspire and teach future generations that their ambitions in sports and beyond are valid and achievable.

Through her actions and commitment, April Clark continues to influence the athletic world, ensuring her legacy endures not just during the sports season but for many years to come.

Her narrative is a compelling reminder of the strides women have made in athletics and the ongoing journey toward equality and recognition in the sports arena.

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