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Athletic Trainer by Day, Supermom by Night:  Meet Mandy Carter!

Articles for Athletic Trainers and News StoriesMandy Carter, the dedicated Athletic Trainer at Liberty High School in Virginia, seamlessly balances her professional responsibilities with family life, a challenge she embraces with pride. 

By Peter Brewington Fauquier Times Staff WriterWith 14 years of service, her days are a testament to her commitment to student-athletes' well-being and her own children, Toby and Jace, who admire her from the stands during football games.

Carter highlighted the impact of her role not just on the field but in shaping her sons' perceptions of service and care:

"They see mommy helping people. They think it’s cool."

Awarded the 2024 Educator Athletic Trainer of the Year by the Virginia Athletic Trainers’ Association, Carter's dedication goes beyond the sidelines.

Her tough schedule, often extending to 75 hours a week, includes teaching sports medicine classes, preparing athletes for competition, and providing crucial post-game treatments.

Despite the demands, Carter finds a unique satisfaction in her work:

"It is long hours. I miss some of my children's events. But it’s also acknowledgement that an AT can do both and still be successful."

Carter's influence extends across the entire school, covering all sports teams and directly communicating with parents about their children's progress and well-being.

Her passion for athletic training was sparked in high school, leading her to pursue further education at Shenandoah University. Now, she's not only an Athletic Trainer but also a mentor, shaping future trainers through her classes.

The support from her husband Joey and the recognition from her family underscore the significance of her work. Joey Carter illustrated the deep respect and admiration they hold for Mandy's dedication:

"Our boys are very proud of their mom."

As Carter contemplates pursuing her doctorate, her story is a powerful reminder of the impact one individual can have on their community.

Balancing the roles of a mother, wife, educator, and Athletic Trainer, Mandy Carter exemplifies the essence of dedication and the profound influence of nurturing future generations, both at home and on the field.

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