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Avoiding the Curveballs: Becky Fajardo's Journey of Healing and Hope

Articles for Athletic Trainers and News StoriesIn the heart of Tucson, amidst the crack of bats and the cheer of college baseball, stands Becky Fajardo, the dedicated Athletic Trainer for the Pima College Aztecs.

Becky Fajardo Aztec College ATA former athlete who turned a career-ending ACL injury into a life of healing others, Fajardo embodies resilience and compassion.

"Life sometimes throws a curveball." 

Her statement reflecting not just on sports but on her personal journey through significant health challenges, including a stroke at 29 and a battle with breast cancer.

Despite these hurdles, Fajardo's spirit remains unbroken, focusing on the joy and recovery of the young athletes she mentors.

Fajardo's day begins long before the game does, preparing her players to be at their physical best, hoping her services won't be needed once the game is underway. Emphasizing her role in prevention and care, she stated: 

"We like to be spectators." 

Her passion, however, lies beyond the physical healing. The interaction, shared energy, and witnessing young athletes overcome their adversities fuel her dedication. When asked about her favorite aspect of the job: 

"The kids, by far, hands down."

The respect and affection the Aztec players have for Fajardo are palpable. Austin Madsen and Benji Cazares, two of the many athletes she's assisted, highlight not just the physical support she provides but the mental and emotional solace she offers. Fajardo's influence extends beyond the field; she is a figure of inspiration, embodying the belief that one's spirit can triumph over physical setbacks.

Her experiences with severe health issues have shaped a philosophy she lives by and imparts to her players:

"It's all about perspective. I don't advertise that I had a stroke. I don't advertise that I had breast cancer. There are many things going on in people's lives that you may not known. I try to be positive for the kids as they are overcoming adversity as we are." 

She added that her a mantra is one of hope for everyone she touches: 

"Every day is a new day and you just have to make it the best day possible." 

Read her full story here amd watch the video!