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Healing Hands and Heartfelt Connections with Athletic Trainer Jill Rondini

Articles for Athletic Trainers and News StoriesFor Jill Rondini, two decades as an Athletic Trainer at Oberlin College in Ohio have been filled with passion, dedication, and a deep commitment to the well-being of her collegiate athletes.

Jill Rondini ATCStarting her journey in sports medicine somewhat by chance, after a conversation with a volunteer at her alma mater, Valparaiso University, Rondini quickly discovered her natural talent and love for athletic training.

"I just fell in love with it immediately...  And in 20 years, I have never questioned my choice."

As Oberlin's Director of Sports Medicine, Rondini juggles a myriad of responsibilities, from treating injuries to coordinating with doctors and mentoring three other Athletic Trainers.

Her approach is holistic, emphasizing not just injury treatment but prevention through education on hydration, nutrition, and overall body care. Describing the critical role her team plays in the initial assessment and management of athlete injuries, Rondini explained: 

"We're on the frontline. Athletes come and talk to us. We basically decide whether or not they need to see a doctor based on what we see."

Beyond the technical aspects of her job, Rondini emphasizes the personal connections formed with athletes, which are crucial in moments of crisis.

"Many times I’ve had people freaking out, and I can get them to look at me and just see everything calm." 

Her innovative spirit extended through the COVID-19 pandemic, with Rondini and her team showing support for fellow Athletic Trainers across their conference with thoughtful gestures, further highlighting the community-oriented nature of their profession.

As National Athletic Training Month begins, Rondini reflects on the importance of raising awareness about the crucial role of Athletic Trainers in sports.

She addresses common misconceptions, emphasizing the expertise and proactive involvement of trainers in ensuring athlete safety. Advocating for greater recognition of Athletic Trainers' vital contributions to sports and athlete health, Rondini asserted: 

"We're not just sitting around. We are an important part of what is happening,"