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Healthy Roster Helps PGA TOUR Relaunch With SAFER Play

Sports Medicine and Telehealth company Healthy Roster announced the launch of SAFER Play for the PGA TOUR.

DUBLIN, Ohio - Jun 30, 2020 - Sports Medicine and Telehealth company Healthy Roster announced the launch of SAFER Play for the PGA TOUR. In preparing to return to regular season competitive play, the PGA TOUR has partnered with Healthy Roster to ensure its players, caddies, and all staff at events are screened daily in order to make sure any symptomatic individual is identified and kept from coming to the course.  

Healthy Roster’s SAFER Play provides a customizable screening and alerts platform that can be easily customized and quickly deployed to ensure that all participants are screened daily to reduce the chances of COVID-19 spread at events. Automated daily screenings are delivered via email and text-based messages to ensure everyone stops to consider symptoms each day during the event. Any symptoms reported immediately trigger alerts to designated administrators and medical personnel for quick assessment via a telehealth interaction. SAFER Play also integrates with various testing facilities and home-test providers to flag any individual in the days prior to PGA TOUR events.  

“Travel and personal interaction are inherently part of life on the PGA TOUR, which becomes particularly complex in the era of COVID-19,” said Andy Levinson, PGA TOUR Senior Vice President, Tournament Administration. “Healthy Roster customized our surveys, integrated with our network of COVID-19 testing facilities, and delivers automated daily screenings to all tournament participants. This doesn’t guarantee that COVID-19 won’t be present, but it gives multiple layers of defense to provide the safest possible environment for our members and fans.” 

Healthy Roster’s SAFER Play is built for athletic organizations, employers, and educational institutions that need the ability to screen, alert, and communicate COVID-19 statuses daily.  The simple setup and rapid deployment of the platform prevent organizations from having to invent manual tracking systems which could take weeks to develop, train, and deploy. Users can quickly upload athletes and staff, then immediately begin to send email or text-based surveys to check for COVID-19 symptoms daily. The platform doesn’t require downloads or passwords which make it easy for a person to easily report how they feel, sending alerts to designated administrators when someone needs further assessment.  

SAFER Play is a secure, automated set of proactive communication protocols that provides the ability to:

  • Screen individuals for COVID-19 symptoms using simple text messages
  • Alert personnel automatically when an individual indicates at-risk symptoms
  • Facilitate immediate responses in line with established protocols 
  • Engage the employee quickly via chat and video to conduct, assess and advise 
  • Reports identify trends and hotspots to prevent workplace spread 

Given the unprecedented nature of establishing pandemic return-to-work COVID-19 protocols, the SAFER Play is easily updated and tailored to an organization as federal and state requirements continue to evolve. ​

CEO Nathan Heerdt states, “Our goal has always been to help keep people healthy and in the game. It’s never been more imperative for people to be aware of how they are feeling and the immediate impact their health has on everyone around them. With SAFER Play, we’re uniquely suited to help organizations work together to keep everyone healthy and decrease the chance of being exposed to COVID-19.”

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About Healthy Roster

Powering secure healthcare communications with a mobile-first platform, Healthy Roster supports organizational leaders across athletic organizations, industrial employers, healthcare systems, and educational institutions. Started in 2015, Healthy Roster’s HIPAA-compliant platform handles over one million treatments and serves over 100 health systems and hospital networks across the U.S. Built on the Amazon healthcare cloud, customer data is HIPAA secure and protected, with major redundancies and backups to protect sensitive information. Healthy Roster delivers powerful mobile documentation and communication tools that improve organizations’ ability to provide better care to their personnel. With secure telehealth and chat features, Healthy Roster also enables patients to easily communicate with administrators or medical providers, reducing misunderstandings and delays in care to reduce time to care. For more information, visit our website.