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Jess Battilochi's Inspiring Path from Wheeling to ASU Wrestling

Articles for Athletic Trainers and News StoriesWe always look out for articles about ATs and the work they're doing across the country to help their community. We found such a story on Wheeling University's athletics page and it covers an Athletic Trainer who is a friend of Healthy Roster — Jess Battilochi. 

Jess was actually one of the winners of a Starbucks gift card that we occasionally give out on social media! So, it was awesome to see her getting some recognition. 

Jess BattilohchiHer path from a passionate student at Wheeling U. to an inspiring Assistant Athletic Trainer for Arizona State University's wrestling team epitomizes dedication, care, and the pursuit of dreams.

With roots in Wheeling, Jess' journey began after a high school injury introduced her to the athletic training field, under the guidance of Athletic Trainer Perry Prichard.

This ignited her determination, leading her to Wheeling University, where she embraced the dual role of an Athletic Training student and Track & Field athlete.

Battilochi's time at Wheeling was transformative, offering her not just education but a lifelong family.

"I am so happy that I went to Wheeling, and it really shaped me into the person I am today."

The support and lessons from her professors there stayed with her, as did the values of care and compassion she learned. These values propelled her across the country and onto the global stage, volunteering with the Team USA Women's Wrestling team and at the U15 Pan-American games, before her pivotal role at Arizona State University.

In Arizona, Jess became an integral part of the wrestling team, contributing to their quest for national titles and personal growth.

Her experience reflects a deep commitment to athletic training, teaching her the importance of work-life balance and self-expression within the profession.

And her story is not just about the achievements in her career but also about the impact of her alma mater, Wheeling University, on her life and career.

"Wheeling is going to give you a lifelong home, it's going to teach you to be a man or woman to others."

When she headed out to Arizona State, she didn't know anyone and felt apprehensive about the move. However, this leap of faith propelled her into the top tier of collegiate wrestling.

"I was welcomed into the room from day one as part of the ASU wrestling family."

The Sun Devils team was again at the NCAA National Championships last season, with one Sun Devil getting the win in the 125 LB weight class. It was a crazy week, but one she won't soon forget:  

"I don't think I have really had a chance to sit down and really process it yet, but I am proud of all of our guys and getting to be a part of Sun Devil nation. Even though it is a very big school, one of the biggest in the country, our wrestling team, and our program, and our fans give it that small school feel." 

Jess Battilochi's journey from Wheeling to ASU showcases the power of passion, education, and community in shaping a fulfilling career in athletic training.

Her story should be motivation for any aspiring Athletic Trainer and anyone looking to make a difference through their career. So, check out the full article on WU's page

Congrats, Jess!