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Athletic Trainer Rewarded for Saving a Life

Articles for Athletic Trainers and News StoriesIn a heartwarming recognition of bravery and quick action, the Los Angeles Rams surprised Ganesha High School's athletic trainer, Ariel Castro, with tickets to Super Bowl LVIII.

Ariel Castro ATThis grand gesture was in honor of Castro's heroic efforts during a high-stakes football game against La Puente High School, where she saved the life of head coach Don Cayer in a story we covered back in October.

The intense final moments of the game took a dramatic turn when Cayer collapsed with a heart attack.

Without hesitation, Castro, with the help of first responders, administered CPR and used an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to revive Cayer, showcasing the critical importance of having Athletic Trainers and the right medical equipment at sporting events.

Reggie Scott, Rams Vice President of Sports Medicine and Performance, who presented Castro with the Super Bowl tickets, highlighted the three critical elements that can save lives: having the necessary resources, a well-defined emergency action plan, and skilled individuals present. Scott added: 

"When all of those three things come together, you can save somebody's life. And that's a big deal."

This incident shines a spotlight on the essential role of Athletic Trainers in high school sports and the urgent need for regulatory measures in California, the only state that does not regulate the athletic training profession.

It serves as a compelling example of why certified ATs are indispensable in sports settings, capable of handling acute emergencies and ensuring athlete safety.

As California seeks to address this regulatory gap with proposed legislation, Castro's actions stand as a testament to the profound impact that trained professionals can have in moments of crisis.

Her hope, and that of the Rams organization, is that such instances of emergency preparedness become a standard practice, ensuring the safety and well-being of student-athletes across the state and beyond.

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