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Athletic Trainers: the Heartbeat of High School Athletics in Wisconsin

Articles for Athletic Trainers and News StoriesIn the heart of Gibson County, Wisconsin, the fervor for high school athletics is more than just a seasonal passion—it's a year-round commitment that binds the community.

With every academic year, the local sports scene is not just about the games played but also about the stories created, the legacies forged, and the legends born.

These narratives, filled with triumph and resilience, are meticulously documented in countless newspaper articles, enriching the historical tapestry of Gibson County Athletics.

At the core of these endeavors are their heroes that few talk about: the Athletic Trainers. Their dedication and tireless efforts are pivotal in nurturing the health and performance of student-athletes.

March, recognized as National Athletic Training Month, offers a perfect opportunity to spotlight the exceptional work of ATs across Gibson County High Schools:

  • Rebekah Garner at Princeton Community High School
  • Lori Stolz at Wood Memorial High School
  • And Craig Shepherd at Gibson Southern High School

Lori StolzLori Stolz's journey into athletic training was sparked by her own experiences as a high school athlete in Wisconsin. Despite facing injuries, her determination led her to the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, where she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Athletic Training.

Stolz's academic pursuit didn't stop there; she went on to earn a Master of Science in Athletic Training from Indiana State University, followed by a Doctorate in Education.

Today, she balances teaching Biomedical Science with her role as an Athletic Trainer at Wood Memorial High School, embodying the spirit of education-based athletics.

Rebekah Garner, another dedicated professional in the field, has been shaping the lives of student-athletes at Princeton Community High School since 2009.

Her academic background in Athletic Training and Exercise Science, combined with her hands-on experience, has made her an indispensable part of the school's athletic department.

Rebekah Garner-1Garner's commitment extends beyond treating injuries; she focuses on the overall well-being of the athletes, ensuring they receive the best care and support.

Craig Shepherd's path to becoming an Athletic Trainer was influenced by his passion for sports and a desire to remain connected to his roots.

A Jasper High School alumnus, Shepherd's expertise was honed at the University of Evansville, where he completed both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees. His experiences in the Southeastern Conference further enriched his skill set, making him a key asset to Gibson Southern High School Athletics.

These Athletic Trainers not only provide critical support to injured athletes but also play a significant role in their recovery and return to the field.

Their dedication goes beyond the physical treatment of injuries; they foster an environment where student-athletes feel valued and supported, truly embodying the essence of education-based athletics in Gibson County.