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Stephanie Kuzydym's Safer Sidelines Project Has Helped Save Lives

Articles for Athletic Trainers and News StoriesWe're huge fans of Stephanie Kuzydym. She's an enterprise and investigative sports reporter for the Courier Journal. And she's done remarkable work in the past year with her "Safer Sidelines" articles. Her reporting has lead to a surge in demand for automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and recognition of the vital role of Athletic Trainers. 

Stephanie Kuzydym 1She has covered stories of the loss of student athletes, the work being done to prevent these occourances, and has likely helped save lives.

She was aided by the high-profile incident involving the NFL player Damar Hamlin who had to be revived on the field with an AED by Athletic Trainers, which pushed along a broad movement towards improving sideline preparedness in sports,

Published in April, her Safer Sidelines project has been lauded for its impact on high school athlete health and safety, receiving accolades from industry experts and organizations like the Korey Stringer Institute.

Doug Casa, CEO of the Korey Stringer Institute, described Safer Sidelines as the most impactful contribution to high school athletes' health and safety from a media source in U.S. history. The project's comprehensive research and practical roadmap for change have resonated with many in the field, influencing policy and practice.

The project's findings have been used in sports medicine conferences, symposiums, radio shows, and podcasts, raising national awareness about safety standards on high school sidelines.

Stephanie Kuzydym 2It led to public forums, such as one hosted by The Courier Journal and Spalding University, and the first Interprofessional Emergency Training at St. Xavier High School, attended by over 50 athletic trainers and first responders.

Despite the project's success in raising awareness and driving change, there's still work to be done.

Twenty-six high school athletes have died this year, indicating a continued need for improved safety measures. Safer Sidelines has sparked crucial discussions and actions, yet the journey towards ensuring the safety of all young athletes on the sidelines continues.

We want to thank Stephanie for her hard word and dedication to helping keep these students as safe as possible on our sidelines. 

She has detailed the full impact of the project here! Check it out today!